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Aluminum alloy folding LED table lamp.

Input voltage: 5V.

Illumination: 700LM.

Color temperature: White, warm white, natural light.

Luminous flux: 450lm.

Material: aluminum/iron/plastic.

Lamp beads: White light 26PCS warm light 26PCS 2835.

Appearance color: Silver Gold black.

Lamp Weight: 560Kg.

Inner box size: 115x40x405mm.

Outer box Size: 41533x36cm (24 sets-box).

Black technology eye lamp

Usage: Plug in, use, charge.

Size: 33*18*38CM

Material: Aluminum +ABS.

Color: white, black, silver, gold.

Lamp beads: 2835*30.

Light Source: LED.

Power: 8W.

Power supply: 16V 350mA.

Switch: 7 gears touch sliding dimming.

luminescent mode: Straight glow.

Color Rendering Index: 90.

Luminous flux: 400lm.

Outer box: 475*445*405mm.

Bluetooth selfie controller

Parameter: Product Name: Multifunction phone remote control.

Through the system: IOS/Android General.

Bluetooth communication: Bluetooth 4.2.

Emission frequency: 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz.

Communication distance: 10 meters.

Battery life: approx. 24 months.

Battery model: CR2032. Product Size: 50*33*10.5mm

Product Weight: 11 g.

Product color: Black/white/pink/blue/green.

Custom logo Portable wireless Keyboard

Bluetooth Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard With Mouse Function For Smartphone PC laptop

1. Easy connection via Bluetooth or USB; it is compatible with tablet, mobile phone, PC or video games;
2. English QWERTY keyboard layout with no phycial keyboard, compact size and portable to carry;
3. Projecting virtual keyboard by built-in laser transmitter;
4. Built-in Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery
5. Good durability (no inner moving parts); built-in lithium battery;


Operating surface should be any solid and plain but not transparent surface.


Creative Touch switch reading lamp

Bulb Type: LED.

Power supply mode: USB charging.

Switch type: Touch style.

Light source power: 3W.

Product Material: ABS.

Product size: 10.5*7.5*38CM.

Light color: white.

Creative USB charging handheld fan

Material: ABS PP silicone Electronic components.

Packing quantity: PCS.

Product size: 270*95*38MM.

Outer packing size: 152*100*66mm.

Outer box size: 51.5*41.5*47.5 CM.

Packing: Color box.

Single Net weight/Gross weight: 150g/210g.

Whole box Net weight/gross weight: 19kg/20kg.

Style/color: Pink rabbit/Blue cat/Black rats.

Battery capacity: 1200MAH (18650 lithium battery).

Fidget Spinner cube

Weight: 93.7g.

Material: ABS eco-friendly plastic.

Size: approx. 5.5X5.5X2cm.

Packaging: TC Transparent box.

Color: Bright black, coral color, water blue.

Inductive electronic doorbell

Power supply mode: direct current DC
Supply voltage: 3×1.5V(V)
Ringtones: 16 Ringtones (Customizable)
Power consumption: 9V(W)
Material: ABS material
Detection angle: up and down 60, left and right 110
Specifications: 81*81*42mm
Scope of application: shops, shopping malls, stores, companies, homes, hotels,
Type: inductive doorbell
Inductive distance: adjust the distance 2-8m as needed

Infrared induction doorbell

Power supply mode: direct current DC
Supply voltage: 3×1.5V(V)
Ringtones: 16 Ringtones (Customizable)
Power consumption: 9V(W)
Scope of application: welcome to shops, tourist attractions, service places,
bank ATM, newspaper kiosks, store elevators, subway products, restrooms
Type: inductive doorbell
Inductive distance: adjust the distance 2-8m as needed

LED charging eye lamp

Power: 8W.

Power adapter: 20V 300Ma.

Color temperature: 4500k.

Color: Chrome.

Material: COB.

Light Source: >80.

Color box size: 560x140x40mm.

Outer box size: 570x290x215mm.

Packing quantity: 10PCS.

Luminous flux: 350lm.

Macaroon fan

Product material: ABS/PP+PC electronic components.

Product size: 100*44*220mm.

Product Packaging: 110*44*210mm.

Outer box size: 57.5*44*35.2CM.

Single Net weight/Gross weight: 223g/300g.

Whole box Net weight/gross weight: 17.5KG/18.5KG.

Style/color (color): White, pink, blue, gray.

Charging time: 3.5 hours.

Working time: 2-7 hours.

Mini Flash fan

Features: text can be changed at will.

Style: Flash blue word flashing red word.

Power supply: Three-size 7th battery.

Size: 10X5.5X3.5cm.

Net Weight: 0.06kg.

Material: ABS+ electronic components.

Packaging: Factory original packaging.

Mini Handheld fan

Product model: TN-2802.

Rated Power: 2.5W.

Voltage current: DC5V/0.8A.

Product Material: ABS + silicone.

Charging time: 1 hours.

Usage time: 2 hours.

Outer box size: 52.5*42*34.5 cm.

Packing size: 100*37*160mm.

Product size: 150*86*26 mm (Linglong rabbit).

Product size: 132*86*26 mm (Damochen).

Packing Quantity: 100 PCS.

Battery capacity: 800 mAh.

Packing gross Weight: 14KG.

Product Net Weight: 83g.

Packing weight: 130g.

Mini Portable USB Charging Fan Office Computer Table Lamp Desktop Random Bend Clip Charge Fans

Features :
1. Mobile rechargeable clip fan, fresh and lovely modeling, new lamp lighting function.
2. This product uses built-in booster electronic components to truly achieve stepless speed regulation. The maximum distance of the clip at the bottom is 60mm, which is suitable for all kinds of edges, so that you can use it easily and release your hands.
Product Name: Shower clip table lamp fan
Type number:TN-F042
Input voltage: 5V
Input current: 800mA
Output power: 2.5W
Motor Model: 300
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Speed: 4000
Light flux: 200lm
Color temperature: 5500k
Color rendering index: 80
Package weight: 332g
Product Size: 206*123*528mm
Packing size: 130*96*120mm
Charging time: 2h
Product material: fireproof ABS+PP
Packing quantity: 60pcs
Gross weight of the outer box: 21kg
Carton net weight: 20kg
Carton size: 53.7*48.7*38cm
Color: pink, blue, white

Mini Small fan

Switch type: Plug and play.

Fan interface: USB, TYPE-C, Apple interface.

Packing list: OPP bag, USB fan.

Product size: 9*14CM.

Product Material: Environmental protection high Density silicone (TPE).

Rated Voltage: 5V.

Rated Power: 1 W.

Custom Logo: Yes.

Portable Digital USB Gadget Organizer Charger Travel Cable Bag

Material: Ant cloth

Size: 2 model sizes (please refer to the details for details)

Model: Mini single layer small, small single layer

Packing: OPP bag

Our products can be purchased in one piece or in two pieces. Even three purchases, the more the quantity, the more favorable the price.

Simple Fashion eye protection table lamp

Base: Reset the base to strengthen the anti-skid pad.

Lamp head: E27 Horn lamp head.

Color temperature: 5000K.

Power: Does not contain a light source.

Voltage: AC110V-220V.

Power cord Length: 1.5+ switch + two flat plug.

Product size: 16X105X410MM.

Product color: Metal bag silicone Bend pipe +ABS.

Color: white, blue, pink.

Square box Night light fan

Input voltage: 5V.

Input current: 800mA.

Output power: 3.5W.

Battery capacity: 2000mAh.

Luminous flux: 200lm.

Color temperature: 5500k.

Color Rendering Index: 80.

Product Net Weight: 342g.

Packing weight: 452g.

Product size: 150*103*200mm.

Packing size: 155*108*210mm.

Charging time: 2.5h.

Product Material: ABS+PP.

Packing quantity: 40pcs.

Outer box gross weight: 19.1kg.

Outer box Net Weight: 18.1kg.

Outer box size: 64*55.5*44cm.