Multi-conversion socket with USB switch

Type: GB converter.

Number of holes: 3.

Rated current: (A).

Rated Voltage: (V).

Shell material: ABS.

Conductive material: copper.

Payload: 2.5 (KW).

Machining customization: Yes.

Size: 13.5*7CM.

Rated power: 2500 (W).

Scope of application: Home Office.

Power cord Copper Core: 0.75.

Ambient temperature: 28°.

Plug Standard: GB. Color: blue and white.

Travel conversion socket

Number of holes: 6.

Rated current: 6.3 (A).

Rated Voltage: 100-250 (V).

Shell material: PC.

Conductive material: Phosphorus copper.

Payload: 2200 (KW).

Color: white, black, can be customized according to the requirements.

Multi-Jack Home Wiring Board

Power cord Length: 1.8 m.

Number of holes: 6.

Rated current: 10A.

Rated Voltage: 220V.

Ambient temperature: 28 (℃).

Shell material: ABS.

Conductive material: copper.

Size: 20.5*7.5*3.1cm.

Rated Power: 2500W.

Scope of application: Home Office.

Power cord Copper Core: 0.75.

Net Weight: 0.6 (kg).

Machining customization: Yes.

Color: White.

Spec.: 1.8 m, 2.8 m, 4.8 m, 5.8 m, 7.8 m, 9.8 m.

Smart USB socket

Product size: 188*88mm.

Rated power: 2500W.

Current: 10A.

Voltage: 220V. U

SB output: 5V 2.4A.

Length: 1.8M 2.8M 4.8M.

The number of holes is 4. Color: white black, black and white, pure white, pure black.

Multi function conversion socket plug double usb2.1A plug converter

SL-189 double USB socket The telescopic global multi-functional plug, using the patent technology, redesigns the new design, sets more than 150 countries’ multiple standard plugs and sockets into small portable multi-functional plugs. It is a good companion for business elites to travel and travel. First, this product is a good companion for traveling abroad, business inspection, studying abroad and visiting relatives and friends; it is the first choice for electronic gifts to give gifts to relatives and friends as an electronic gift. (print the customer specified LOGO on the product surface). Parameters: Applicable voltage: 100-240V (volt) Rated current: 6.3A High load power: 1500W Dual USB output: DC 1000MA, 5V, USB charging short circuit protection and overcharge protection, longer service life. Material: PC+ABS brass and phosphor copper, the material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and the flame retardant standard for export products. Color: white, black, can be made as required Packaging: 100 /CTN 3-5 days of time

Multifunction global travel switch plug

SL-172 Transformers socket, socket, multifunctional socket, change-over plug Product introduction: The shell is made of environmentally-friendly safety PC material, E class (120 degree) insulation, high flame retardant, impact resistance, non-toxic, excellent pressure resistance, resistance to fall and moisture resistance. The socket shrapnel is made of phosphorus bronze with high elasticity, high conductivity, less heat and good contact. The pins are made of imported brass and nickel plated to prevent oxidation. Small and novel design, there are 3 colors, the choice of Ren Jun, a variety of combinations, can adapt to different country sockets, simple streamlined design to show the international trend, it is a million use converter, but also a beautiful toy, more real for the travel and use. “Transformers” free combination, the more the more type, it adapts the world’s more than 150 countries, including the insertion standards, including the United States, Europe, South America, China, Australia and New Zealand, and so on.