Fabric Outdoor Wireless card

Power supply Mode: Built-in lithium battery.

Function: Card bass stereo.

Whether the APP is supported: Yes.

Connection mode: Bluetooth connection.

Small rated power: 10W.

Bluetooth version: 4.2.

Shell material: plastic.

Support format: U Disk TF card.

Receive distance: 10m and below.

Speaker adjustment:Mode:

Key color classification: Red, Gray, blue, black.

Size: 74x74x95mm.

Playback Length: 3 hours +.

Weight: 263g.

Battery capacity: 1200 MA.

Household bass Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth support: Bluetooth 4.2
Scope: 10 meters
Transmitting frequency: 2.4 GHz
Input: DC 5V 0.5-2A
Product size: 20.9*6.3*4.8cm;
Product Material: Plastics
Packaging size: 24*5*7cm;
Net weight of product: 660g
Optional colours: rose gold, silver, red, blue, gold and black
Play time: 10-12 hours
Charging time: 3-4 hours;
Battery capacity: 2200 mA

Bass Bluetooth speaker


Material Technology ABS+PC

Power supply mode: built-in lithium battery / USB 5V

Conventional pattern black

Product size 300*65*40MM

Net weight of product 400g

Bluetooth Version 4.2

Vocal Track Mode: Left and Right Stereo

Power Amplifier Specification 5W*2

Horn specifications 45 mm, 4_5W*2

Distortion < 3%

Bluetooth Distance < 10 m

Extended memory 16G

Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz

Signal to Noise Ratio (>75dB)

Charging parameters 5V 1A

Battery capacity 2000 Mah

Mini-box Bluetooth speaker

Product Specification: 72x72x72mm
Frequency response: 120 hz-16 kHz
Rated power: 2W
Input: 5V/300mAh
Battery: 800 mAh
Weight: 310G
Bluetooth Version: V4.2

Portable Diamonds luetooth speaker

Scope: 10 meters
Power supply: DC5V/100-120 mA
Output power: 3W
Product size: 7.6*6*6m
Product Material: Plastics
Color box size: 8*7*7cm
Net weight of product: 220g/gross weight: 230g
Optional colours: rose gold, silver, red, blue, gold and black
Power usage time: 8h
Charging time: 4H
Battery capacity: 800 mA

Mini Hexagon Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Scope: 10 meters

Product size: 45*34mm

Product Material: Plastics

Color box size: 50*40mm

Net weight of product: 25g/gross weight: 30g

Optional colours: rose gold, silver, red, blue, gold and black


Power usage time::3h

Charging time: 1H

Battery capacity: 300 mA

Bluetooth speaker with rectangular double speakers


Bluetooth connection, hands-free call, TWS connection, TF card, USB, FM radio, AUX;
Bluetooth version: Jerry scheme, Bluetooth 4.2;
Horn Specification: A Full-frequency Horn 45mm 4 3W*2
Transmission distance: straight line distance without occlusion 12 meters;
Battery capacity: A brand-new dual protection 1200 Mah
Input: DC 5V 0.5-2A;
Charging time: 3-4 hours;
Play time: 6-10 hours;
Product size: 185*41*60mm;
Packaging size: 21*6.5*4.8cm;
Packing Size: 50PCS, 44*28*34cm

Rubber painted round Bluetooth speaker


Bluetooth support: V 3.0 + EDR
Scope: 10 meters
Transmitting frequency: 2.4 GHz
Power supply: DC5V/100-120 ma


Product size: 12.5*8.7*6.5cm
Product Material: Plastics
Color box size: 13*9*7cm
Net weight of product: 220g/gross weight: 230g
Optional Colors: Rose Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Black Gill Customizable
Power usage time: 8h
Charging time: 4H
Battery capacity: 800 ma

headphone T8 heavy bass stereo headset

品牌 TOMNEW 货号 现货
传输范围 10米 功能 支持音乐,通话功能,电量显示,多点连接 加工定制
加印LOGO 可以 蓝牙协议 4.0 声道 立体声
使用方式 头戴式 是否单双耳 双边立体声 适用送礼场合 开业典礼,生日,颁奖纪念,婚庆,广告促

Marcarons Handy Fan Portable Handheld Mini USB 3 Speeds Air Conditioning Rechargeable Desk Macaron Fan for Home Office Outdoor

Material:  ABS+PP+PCB
Color: Blue,Pink,White,Gray
Product Size: 100*44*220 mm
Working time: 2-7hs
Charging time: 3.5hs
Speed: 3 Speeds adjustable
-Portable & Mini & Lightweight & Silent High Speed
-With creative make-up mirror
-Excellent cooling performance
-Air Conditioner cooling system
-A strap for easy carry
-Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
-Adjustable Stainless steel holder
-Anti-dust design
-Easy to operate
-Long lifetime

– Compatible with: household, outdoor, office, gifts